5 Free Alternatives for Futura on Google Fonts

Futura is a classic geometric sans-serif font and still popular despite being nearly 100 years old. But not every project has the budget for a licensed font, especially webfonts. Sure, you might have access to Futura PT through Adobe Fonts on Creative Cloud, but getting it on your website is a different matter. Also if you’re using other design software like Affinity or you don’t want to buy a font, you might be looking for a free alternative.

I’m sticking with ubiquitous Google Fonts for this list. The site has over 1000 free licensed font families that you can download or use online as webfonts in most CMS platforms or with WordPress plugins like Easy Google Fonts.


Jost feels most similar to Futura thanks to its sharp points and narrow widths. It works well in both headings and body text, but at heavier weights it’s a less successful replacement. With nine weights and italics, this is the most robust font family in the list. Jost is a variable font which makes it a little speedier for online use, but the download also includes static fonts. Use Jost if you want to emulate Futura for headings set in all-caps in light to medium weights.

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Kumbh Sans

Kumbh Sans comes in three weights, but no italics. It does the job of being a clear geometric font. If you need to recreate the heavier weights of Futura for headings, Kumbh Sans is your font.

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Red Hat Text

Red Hat Text has body copy legibility in mind with variable line weights, so it’s great for text heavy situations. This font has three weights with italics, but also part of a bigger family that includes Red Hat Display.

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DM Sans

DM Sans has a unique double story G compared to the rest of the fonts and Futura, but it’s still a good substitute. It comes in three weights and italics.

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Questrial is a lovely geometric font, but is the only one available in a single weight. Overall characters are similar to Futura, but the larger x-heights and body widths make for a much wider font. This is the only font in the list with a single story minuscule A and a minuscule J with no hook.

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Other Fonts

Do you have any favorite Google fonts to replace Futura or other typefaces? Let me know in the comments below! If you enjoyed this post about free resources, you might be interested in some freebie roundup posts.

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