Minimal Wall Mirror Upgrade

H&M has some cute minimal wall mirrors I like, but not enough to spend $25 on considering how small they are. I was at Target and saw some little gold framed wall mirrors with twine to hang them for $5 and had an ahah moment.

9.75 inch gold wall mirror from H&M.

I bought the mirror and pulled out some leftover gold chain from the chunky druzy necklace I made along with my chain jewelry tools.

I cut off the twine.

But I didn’t realize the loops for the twine were not ideal for chain.

So I had to grab some thicker gauge gold jump rings and broke my chain into three equal lengths.


Once I got all three chains on to the jump rings, I could secure them to the openings on the mirror and close them back up.

I had picked up a really bright copper colored branch from Target on clearance for $3 in the fall that I had spray painted gold to match my bedroom decor. I hadn’t hung it up on the wall yet and this little mirror made a great companion to it to make a minimal vanity.