March Refresh With Ruby

Ay ay ay, I thought 2016 was rough. I was wrong.

January and especially February were harsh. My grandfather caught the flu and very slowly passed over a couple weeks without food or water. I was driving back and forth between my husband and work Indianapolis and my grandparents in Detroit every week to help my grandmother, book hotel rooms and cater meals for 30+ family members for the whole weekend of the funeral.

Needless to say, this derailed my 2017 goals for freebies and working on my full stack certification. But I’m not giving up on them. I will try to do two freebies a week on Fridays to make up for what I missed and get back to my second project on Free Code Camp.

I really needed a pattern interrupt from clawing my way back to being on top of all my projects at work so why not learn Ruby? Hahah.

Typing the word “help” might have been the most cathartic moment of this week.

I spent an evening dabbling in Ruby starting with Try Ruby for something silly to do and it was been fun, except:

Middle school boys all over again.

Editing a poem about toast into one about Solomon was pretty good too.

Anyway… I finished the Ruby intro and poked around Code School some more, but I think I still like Free Code Camp better because I don’t need badges to be motivated to learn more and why pay money for something I can get for free? (Although I am going to run through all the free bits on Code School, hahah.)

I also went through the Ruby in Twenty Minutes tutorial on the Ruby language site which was interesting because I did it in Mac’s Terminal app.

Are there any other code learning platforms (free, freemium, or paid) that you have tried that you did or didn’t like?