FreeCodeCamp: Project 1

I am a couple weeks into Free Code Camp and I like it!

It is a sort of gamified learning system, but I do like that it has actual projects as part of the process. I finished my first one earlier today and will start my second project tomorrow. So far it has mostly been a review of HTML and CSS for me. I did like learning Bootstrap and the tiniest jQuery, but everything after this second project will be completely foreign to me. Exciting!

Besides following along the Free Code Camp map, I have also been making use of the w3 Schools site. I like it because it is such a thorough resource. It was far more helpful to me than Bootstrap‘s site since it has more examples of all values and options with live editing to play with.

I also have been reading the web design and development books by John Duckett. The books just look nice, but are also helpful. They explain things clearly and provide plenty of examples. The books alone are definitely not enough, but I do like having a physical book to refer to and read about concepts.

(FYI: the above links are Amazon Referral links.)

You can check out my Tribute Page project here or below. But it will look better on the full screen than the tiny preview window below.

I didn’t quite figure out a better way to create the outlined header aside from an image so the header looks pretty wonky on small screens. I will go back and correct the code if I figure it out. I’m sure there has to be a way to do it without replacing it with an image and I’ll have to learn it first!

See the Pen Project 1: Tribute Page by Naomi Maria (@naomimaria) on CodePen.

Oh and obviously I made the wallpaper illustration for this!

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