2017: Make, Learn, Do

2017 is a new year and maybe it’s time for a new you!

That’s how I feel about it. 2016 was pretty harsh down to the last week of the year and it felt great to take down the calendars to throw away. I think a lot of people focus on the basics like losing some weight, eating better, stressing less, which are all good goals! I like those too, but besides those I like to set some brain goals too. I think the two easiest ways to do this are by resolving to do more and learn more.

Do More

An easy way to push yourself to keep your goal is by making yourself accountable. The 100 Days Project is a good way to go especially if you are a regular social media, especially Instagram user.

If you think you’re falling off the project wagon, you can just check out the various 100 days project hashtags or just check out Becky Margraf’s feed to get motivated again!


Learn More

Maybe you want to learn something before you make something! These days there are so many places to learn online. Some are free and some aren’t but you are guaranteed to find a platform that works for your budget.

The great news is that Learn Something New has a list divided by subject categories of various education sites and apps. They update this regularly, so you can always check back and see if there is something else for you.

Make More…Goals

I have four big goals this year which I got a small head start in before this year started:

  1. Revamp my personal site and relaunch my online store(s). I have gotten started on the website part, by switching over to the Divi by Elegant Themes and I have nothing but good things to say about it so far. As for my store, I’m considering other options beyond or in addition to BigCartel which has been my store platform for several years. And pretty importantly, I was approved to open a store (bookmark this link to my store!) at Creative Market which I will get started on content for this year as well.
  2. Make freebies for you to download! At least one a week, landing on the freebies section here every Friday. The freebies are practice for content on my digital downloads to sell, so enjoy!
  3. Get more adept at coding. Over the last several years I switched over to using a CMS to get the job done. Because of this I’ve gotten rusty in actual coding and I’m hoping to go beyond what I already knew how to do with HTML, CSS, and PHP. My plan to to get this down with Free Code Camp, which might seem like a step backwards since it’s starting from the beginning, but I figure it’s worth it to make sure I’m not missing any thing. It’s time for my unused GitHub account to finally see some action!
  4. Do even more pro-bono work. I’ve always made a point to volunteer work, but last year was the first year where I really got into making what I do as a professional part of that. I tried Catchafire, but I liked Volunteer Match more in terms of the ease in contacting organizations that needed assistance for projects and the better rate of replies which meant an opportunity to work. I will keep working with Volunteer Match, but I’m also starting projects through Free Code Camp this year.

Your Goals

So what’s your plan for 2017? Are you planning on learning new skills or to make more things? I’d love to hear what ways you plan to grow this year.

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